1.Scott Churchson

Kieth is absolutely focused on developing his talk show and giving his guests the time and respect a host should. He's a great guy and absolutely easy to talk to, both on & off camera.

December 23 2015

2.Polina Urvantseva

Keith has a rare ability to listen and show sincere interest in the people he interviews. This definitely makes his show stand out, and I wish it a skyrocketing success.

December 23 2015

3.Shannon Farnon

Keith is a straightforward professional interviewer that comes to his job totally prepared.

January 25 2016

4.Lital Doron

Keith is a very ambitious and outgoing. Nothing seems to stop him from achieving his goal and he's very inspiring to works with. I highly recommend Keith to any business who seeks good advertising! He is a real entertainer too!

January 27 2016

5.Alex Pop

I had to change to be invited to Keith's show and I was impressed by his abnegation and positivity. I really admire his tenacity and I also support his cause. I would warmly recommend him.

January 30 2016

6.Laura Nadine

Keith is very professional and asks insightful questions. He is an excellent host. I enjoyed working with him.

February 20 2016

7.Sheilah Rae

I was on Keith's show and he was extremely professional and cordial. He asked excellent question and has a fine journalist's mind. His success in this arena is astounding, and he's one of the really really good guys.

Sheilah Rae


Founding President Emeritus, NYTheatre Barn

February 22 2016

8.Omar S. Brown

Andrew is creative, hard working, and industrious. He sees projects through to completion and goes the extra mile to make sure that they meet his exacting specifications. He actively demonstrates a commitment and dedication to his work, and a love for digital media and radio broadcasting.

May 1 ,2016

9.Christine Padovan

"Keith is tenacious and looking to make a mark in this world by beating his own drum. He deserves kudos for being persistent in the face of adversity, especially in the crazy world of entertainment. In his 3rd year of his talk show program and still going strong. "

May 3,2016

10.Debra Cooke

Keith interviewed me for his talk show, and it was an excellent experience. He is passionate about creating a quality interesting show for his followers. I was honored to be part of that.

May 6 2016

11.Melody Brooke

Keith is an ambitious, kind, talkative, and pleasant show host. You'll enjoy being his guest.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

May 3 2016

12.Richard Epcar

Keith is a very hard working interviewer who has a true love for what he does. He is very conscientious, and dedicated to doing a good job. He asks very interesting questions, not just the one's that everyone else asks. I would definitely recommend him.

May 12 2016

13.Bill Taub

I have known Keith a little while now. We're cyber-connected. In my work I get to do a lot of podcasts and interview shows and I have to say Keith's is one of the best. He comes well prepared and I know how hard he works and what kind of dedication and commitment he has to keep something likat going. I know if given a bigger platform he will be en even bigger success!

May 13 2016

14.Hi Joshua Adams

Keith is very detailed on this reporting on his show.

May 22 2016

15.Rana Davis

"Keith is a very enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, he takes life with both hands and makes things happen. I support him without reservation in any of his endeavors."

July 6 2016

16.Wendy Kay

"Keith Andrew is an awesome example of successful living and inspiration to anyone with a disability.

July 6 2016

17.Scott Churchson

"Keith is a fantastic interviewer. Great on air persona, loves to know more about the folks he's interviewing; really makes you feel like you&re appreciated. Always grateful he's had me on his show!"

July 6 2016

18.Margaret Caccioppoli

Principal / Partner at Caccioppoli-Anderson"Keith Andrew interviewed me last week and it was the first time where I was able to talk about my personal life just as freely as my professional life. Since Keith shows great courage in overcoming his disabilities I found the courage to talk about what I have been through. He is living proof that nothing can stand in your way of success, and although I was hoping to inspire him, he inspired me. I highly recommend the Keith Andrew Network. It was honor to be on his show. "

July 6 2016

19.Joshua Adams

Founder & CEO at Cosplayer Nation

He has the dedication and a passion to his listeners. He is the type of person to get the job done a extremely talented person. Never lets his handicap discourage him from doing but he's passionate for.

July 8 2016

20.Serita (Mendelson) Stevens

Writer/ teacher at Various Publishing Houses and Schools

"Determined and talented, Keith has expanded his role into a Radio Talk Show Host. "

July 8 2016

21.Peter J. Bruno

"Keith is a fine interviewer who allows for open-ended dialogue that is both focused and free-flowing. He balances the fun and entertaining questions with some highly serious and quite thoughtful ones as well. "

July 9 2016

22.Ky Trang Ho

Forbes Contributor, Business /Investment Writer

I have been a guest on Keith's show twice and it was very enjoyable to be interviewed by him. Keith has an amazing ability to connect with others and get them to rally behind him. Creating his own radio show and promoting it demonstrates a strong work ethic, dedication and great communication skills.

July 9 2016

23.Daisi (Pollard) Sepúlveda

"Keith is a fantastic host. I met Keith briefly before we began the interview on his talk show and he was great at making me feel comfortable with the format and the topics we had planned to discuss. "

July 10 2016

24.Marc Medley

"Keith Andrew embodies the "Never Say Die," spirit that is needed to be successful. He is very proud of his work on his radio and podcast shows, as well he should be. Keith is a very determined young man and will go far in whatever endeavor he chooses. I appeared on his show and he as appeared on mine. Kudos to Keith for his persistence and determination. "

July 13 2016

25.Ron Wassermann,

"Keith is a great interviewer. When we did my episode, he didn't stick to the typical questions everyone asks about my career but also took time to interview me as a person which I loved."

July 13 2016

26.Jimmy Flint-Smith

Keith is not only a professional host but is also a great guy to talk to. He's personal, polite, and invested in what his guests have to say. The message of his show is one that we can all appreciate and I don't think anybody could do what he's doing better than him. I'd recommend Keith for covering any topic and know that he will always give his guests and their passions first priority.

July 20 2016

27.Alonso Grandío

"Keith is a very determined, hard-working and passionate person. I'm sure his talk show will reach heights no one would even believe. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by him in the second season of the show. Incredible worker and an amazing human being."

August 1 2016

28.Dr. Sonja (Antolik) Fisher

"Keith is an amazing talk show host and genuinely cares about his guests. He loves to support his guests and advertise their projects and accomplishments. He also makes you feel comfortable expressing yourself and your passions. Keith has interviewed many successful people and is very professional. I enjoyed my time on his show. "

August 5 2016

29.Antoinette Fisher


Keith Andrew I met on FB. He is a very hard working young man. And always looking to make himself better at what he doing. He's open to suggestions and just a pleasant person. Look for good things coming from this young man.

September 15 2016

30.ulia Brothers

Actress at TheatreWorks

Keith is a fun, interesting and positive guy who does an excellent job of interviewing people in all walks of life. I enjoyed chatting with him for an episode of his talk show and recommend him.

September 19 2016

31.Alexsandra Bowie

Writer, Interviewer, Actress

Keith Andrew is an experienced and professional talk show host. I was interviewed with ease and that is what you want your subjects to feel when being interviewed. I enjoyed my experience.

October 10 2016

32.Sarah Walker"

Keith is highly professional and dedicated to his work. He works hard to help his show reach its full potential. I was on his show. I had never done anything like that before, but he was understanding, explained everything to me which helped me relax when talking on his show. "

0ctober 14 2016

33.Daly Halder

"Keith is a nice person and very friendly. We met through social media and participated on his talk show which was a great experience for me. I liked his talk show and I hope more people will support him to make the show successful. He is very much passionate on his work and doing excellent job. I wish one day he will be recognized as a great person in the world. "

October 16 2016

34.Kathleen Wilce

"Keith Andrew is a remarkable person who faces challenges head on and is brave enough to follow his dreams and turn them into a reality. I highly recommend him for projects. Sincerely, Kathleen Wilce Actor, Owner of Wilce Productions

October 18 2016

35.Assata Caldwell

Keith Andrew is a fun and energetic person who defies expectation. I found taking the time to talk to Keith was enlightening and inspirational. The interview process was fun and light, especially with Keith's willingness to answer questions. While I know Keith's program was originally meant to be for him, I believe he is making an impact on others and creating lasting friendships.

October 27 2016

36.Jeffrey Hardy

"Keith is a motivated and innovative person, blazing a trail for others. He interviewed me sensitively and in depth for his Talk Show, and I wish him well in all of his endeavors."

November 21 2016

37.Sherill Turner

"Keith is a very entertaining, original and funny person - which are the qualities you want in a talk show host! I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with him, it was a fun and easy conversation. I look forward to seeing more from The Keith Andrew Network in the future."

December 11 2016

38.Marisa Darnel

"Keith is very dedicated to his work as Internet communicator. He interviews different kind of persons who have an interesting story for different reasons or who are doing an interesting work. He is a very kind person and I felt very comfortable when he interviewed me to talk about the book I wrote about my son, the late artist Mauricio Saravia. Keith Andrew is very respectful in the way he asks his questions, and he is a very good listener too. I believe he would be great in a TV show of interviews. You can watch the hundreds of interviews he has done in his Internet Channel. Incredible hard work!"

January 12 2017

39.Tonya Canady

Keith Andrew is a gracious host making a difference with every interview.

January 22,2017

40.Casey Dunn

Keith is great to work with and his works supports a wonderful cause!

January 31 2017

41.Scott Churchson

Great interviewer and great personality. Makes guests on his show feel like it's their show, not his that they happen to be on. A+!

April 4 2017

42.Sandra M Risser

He's a wonderful interviewer. I had a great time being on his show.

April 5 2017

43.Rick Kelvin Branch

This is a great idea that Keith had He helps keeps us humble and powerful at the same time.

April 5 2017

44.Yasmine Modestine

Keith is a very nice person trying to get the best out of you as in interviewer.

AApril 7 2017

45.Karina Lafayette

Had a nice time on the Keith Andrew Network. He makes you feel welcome and comfortable to talk about anything and everything. Totally recommend.

April 7 2017

46.Janna Davis

"Keith is a driven content creator and made for a lovely host to talk with!"

April 12 2017

47.Annette Guarrasi

Keith is an affable, thoughtful person whose mission is to make people aware that we are all able to accomplish whatever we set our mind to do. I enjoyed his company and his questions impressed me

May 3 2017

48.janna Davis

I had a lovely interview with Keith and I applaud his efforts to inspire others and to be a self-starter. Go Keith!

May 4 2017

49.Hope Bohannon


May 8 2017

50.Rick SnyderI

tried to post this on your page but the settings would not let me. You can post this and sign my name: "Ya gotta love Keith, his interests are as varied as the sands on the beach and he loves to share the interests of others through his prodigious interviewing skills!"

June 1 2017

51.Julia Brothers

Keith Andrew is a great interviewer with a positive attitude and a great laugh. Very open and easy, I had a really good time chatting with him on his show.

June 7 2017

52.Craig Ahrens

I had a wonderful experience with Keith! I thoroughly enjoyed our interview! Well done pal!!

June 8 2017

53.Trisha Graybill

I had a blast talking with Keith. I love his message of no titles and no limitations. I want to inspire people and appreciate him giving me the opportunity to share my messages with his fan base! Keep up the great work Keith! r

June 9 2017

54.Jacquelynne Faith Bernstein

Really enjoyed my interview with Keith. It was down-to-earth and fun, and I loved his openness in sharing his background in the industry and how it was influenced by disability. People who overcome what can be perceived as a set back by much of society in the way Keith does are shining lights in a world that can sometimes be predictable-especially in some of his unfortunate encounters with people who didn't believe in him. I love Keith's message of pursuing your dreams, but more so the fact that the one he chose to follow seems counterintuitive to his struggles with speech and social skills. That just makes him that much more amazing in his achievements as an internet talk show host and producer. Get to know Keith and others with disabilities, and get to know yourself and how incredible the human race can be just that much more.

June 26 2017

55.Charese Mongiello

It was great working with Keith! I really enjoyed his casual yet professional approach to the interview! It was truly a pleasure.

June 26 2017

56.Ryan Satterfeal

Just had a fantastic interview with KeithAndrewNetWork.com! Thank you, Keith, and keep up the good work!

July 7 2017

57.Roy Garton

Just finished an on air interview with this amazing young man. He is a prime example of "Never say I can't say "I can and I will!"

July 11 2017

58.Brantley Goldford

Keith Andrews is Awesome!! ☆☆☆I had such a fun time!!!He is definately inspiring others to be a example that you can do anything!!!

July 18 2017

59.Chris Robinson

my wife and I were just interviewed by Keith. He was warm and gracious and was very open with us. Keith is doing an amazing job in putting the ability in disability and I believe he will go on to do some amazing things. My motto is, "Live Loud, Dream Extreme, become the Better You." And that is exactly what Keith is doing.

July 28 2017

60.Brian Benson

Had a great time on Keith's show! Thanks Keith and keep up the good work!

Cheers, Brian

July 28 2017

61.Paisley Blackburn

Keith you are so passionate about what you do and ask such insightful questions! It was an honor to do my interview with you! You rock!!!

August 2 2017

62.Dean Phillippi Sr.

Keith is awesome, and it was such a great honor to meet with him, and interview with him. He is very professional, and polite, and asked great questions, and he is a great listener as well. It was a great conversation!

Stay strong Keith, and keep aiming for the stars!

Thank you for what you do, and keep in touch!

Your friend always,

Dean Phillippi

August 9 2017

63.Meggie Jenny

I had a great time chatting with Keith Andrew. Thank you for having me.

August 10 2017

64.Tiffany Nation

Thank you Keith for being a voice for those needing to find their voice and giving strength to those needing to see that dreams don't come true unless you put action into making them happen. You are living proof that it happens!! Shake it up!!

August 11 2017

65.Loran Bolding

I had a fantastic time on the interview with Keith Andrews. His act of Selfless Love and bringing on actors and actresses and pretty much anyone in the film industry and the way that he asks the questions and allows them to answer them and talk about their lives is a true gift. I would recommend everybody get on the Keith Andrew show.

August 11 2017

66.Deborah Watson

Thank you Keith for being a fearless CHAMPION for yourself, your community and the world you live in!!!!! I love that you don't just talk, you listen!!! You are one of the 5 star generals in my book!

August 11 2017

67.Sarah Walker

had a great time talking with Keith. He's got an amazing approach to interviewing - you just don't know what you're going to talk about next. Before he starts, he makes sure you're comfortable with going ahead and explains anything you are unsure about. Please, please, please start doing group interviews! :)

Keith, your show has limitless potential. The road to more viewers may be full of barriers, but please continue to never let your disability be one of them. I look forward to our next conversation!

September 11 2017

68.Dawn Noel

Keith is awesome, creative and smart. He asked really great out of the box questions during our interview. He was such an inspiration !!

September 14 2017

69.Erin C.Davis

Just had my interview with him and hes a blast! Very happy with what he is doing and where he is going

October 22,2017

70.Valentina Latyna

Amazing Talkshow amazing person, Keith invited me and I didn’t think it twice, thanks for having me

November 21 2017

71.Linda Delmonico Prussen

A very professional talk show. Keith Andrew has excellent interviewing skills. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more episodes.

December 19 2017

72.Wendy Kay

Keith Andrew has an online show that he interviews many people of different jobs and shows all diversity in life. He has such a warm personality that when he interviews, you feel at ease knowing the interview is going to be a great time! For someone who has told me he has a disability, I will say I would not think that while talking to him. He is able to show intelligence and wit as he interviews people. am sure any job he takes, his boss is always happy with his work he shows.

January 4,2018

73.Tina Jetter

Keith is an amazing person with an incredible talk show! I was honored to be a guest on one of his episodes and we had an incredible time talking about different subjects! If he asks you to be on his show, believe me you'll have a bunch of fun & make an incredible friend in the process! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him!

January 5,2018

74.Joe Miller

I just finished an interview with Keith Andrew for his network. Keith is professional about his interview and makes the host feel welcomed and comfortable. He is aware that certain topics may seem uncomfortable for his host and makes sure that the host is put at ease. I fully support Keith's mission and project.

January 5,2018

75.Michael Eldridge

Keith Andrew is one of the best interviewers I've ever had the pleasure to be grilled by. He's prepared, his questions are intelligent and thought-provoking, and to top it off he's a pleasure to work with.

January 5,2018

76.Joshua Adams

A good interviewer.

January 5,2018

77.Shannon Farnon

Keith does fun interviews - something for everyone.

January 5,2018

78.John Cunningham

i recommend Keith Andrew hes about his business and easy to work with

January 6,2018

79.Mike Caulo

Keith is a passionate person and strives towards his goals.

January 6,2018

80.Keith Ellis

I have had the pleasure of being interviewd by Keith Andrew a couple times, always making it enjoyable and keeping it honest with his very selected wording and topics!

Being interviewd by Keith is more then an interview, it's like talking with a long time friend.. you forget and you drop your guard and that is whats makes it all worth while, you both get to know one another!

Keith is very determined to make a difference in media, don't tell him he can't do something, he will figure away out to make it happen! Get a chance check Keith Andrew out!

January 7,2017

81.Marisa Darnel

Keith Andrew is a very special person, hard working and talented in what he chose as a profession. He is an example, a role model for others like him, who may have some disabilities. He persistently overcame all obstacles and have become a successful YouTube Host, having interviewed 422 persons, up to the moment, in very interesting conversations. In his Youtube Channel you can find all kind of professionals, many of them artists.

Keith Andrew should have a PBS program, showing the audience that the channel doesn't have discrimination of any kind. I believe that some day it will happen and we'll see Keith on TV.

In the meantime, enjoy his interviews in his own YouTube Channel.

I wish you all the success you deserve, for this year 2018, Keith!

Remember that determination and persistence is the road to success.

January 7 2017

82.Justin Stadnyk

Keith is a great all-around guy. Straight shooter, curious, positive mind. Happy to be in the same circles as him.

January 7 2017

83.Brett Eidman

I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration towards Keith. He works really hard to overcome his disabilities and to make the best of things. Keith also does are very interesting and entertaining talk show where he brings out the best in people. I really enjoyed being on his show and look forward to the next time. Keep up the great work Keith!

January 7,2018


I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Keith Andrew, Being interviewed by Keith is more then an interview, it's like talking with a long time friend and so much fun on that interview, he is A good interviewer, ' very professional and asks insightful questions. and He is an excellent host, keep up the good work Keith Andrew :)

January 7,2018

85.Humberto Meza

Keith Andrew is one of the most honest and inspiring people I have met. He's exhibited tremendous tenacity in hosting his own talk shows. He brings basic conversation to an inspirational level. Keith demonstrates heart and soul of a true human being.

January 8,2018

86.Beth Bridges

Keith runs his program very professionally and very effectively. He's a good interviewer, has a strong point of view, and a real mission to bring awareness by being successful. I appreciated his reminders, follow-up, and great content too!

January 8,2018

87.John Crowther

Keith is a hardworking goals-driven young man as the host of the Keith Andrew Network podcast. I highly recommend supporting Keith and his show.

January 19 2018

88.Carol Lopez

Keith Andrew is an inspiration for all. Find confidence in watching Keith host his own YouTube channel despite his disabilities. He exemplifies someone going against the odds and facing his dreams. If Keith can do it, so can you. Subscribe to his channel.

January 19 2018

89.Casey Dunn

Keith is an amazing example of what one can achieve, despite a disability, with determination and hard work. I have no doubt he will continue to have success in all his future endeavors and wish him the best of luck!

February 2,2018

90.Fred Moises

Keith is a warm hearted true soul of a human being. Who is taking his personal time to share with the world what it means to have a disability and still be the artiest that you were intended to be. Thank you Keith.

February 8 2018

91.Nica Buescher

Keith is a true artist, inclusive, conscientious and gracious, who sees all the abilities only in artists with disabilities! Thank you, Keith!

February 9.2018

92.Andrea Hadhazy

Keith is a great interviewer and has not let his disability stop him from becoming a talk show host. He is open and warm hearted and asks great questions - if you have an hour to spend with him it is well worth it to see how he is living beyond the labels of his limitations #breakthelabels

February 26 2018

93.Margaret Newborn

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Keith Andrew. He is an inspiring man.


Februbary 26,2018

94.Stephanie Horowitz-Mulry

#breaklabels ! Keith did a fun, nice, positive interview with me

March 2 2018

95.Karina Lafayette

Very friendly, respectful and had quite an insightful conversation. Would totally recommend!

February 25 2018

96.Stephanie Herrera

Keith is a tell-it-like-it-is interviewer and host. He is open to hearing people's opinions and his interviewing style puts people at easy where you feel you can tackle the most controversial topics but still have fun! I find interviewers have an agenda and certainly a point of view that sometimes overshadows their work. Keith is engaged and interested in all points of view, you can talk about anything with him. A great experience from start to finish.

March 1 2018

97.Jenna Curtis

I had such a great interview with Keith today. Please take a look and find out what we’ve been discussing today.

March 2 2018

98.Albert Kaufmann

An absolute professional and a prime example how we, as people, should never allow restraints in life define or confine us. Break the status quo and take the wheel as you steer yourself into whatever destiny YOU choose. Keith is an amazing role model for a "Can Do" man.

Keep up the good work buddy we will be watching every chance we get.

March 7 2018

99.Alex Ziwak

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented Keith Andrew on is network talk show.

I really enjoyed doing the interview with Keith.

Keith is a real professional at what he does.

March 13 2018

100.Ed McKeever

Excellent Show! Keith Andrew makes guests comfortable, like you are being interviewed on your Living Room Couch!! I encourage everyone to Listen to the KEITH ANDREW NETWORK!!! #ISupportKeithAndrew

March 15 2018

101.Desiree Marie Velez

Keith Andrew is inspiring as a interviewer with his online show that continues to show people with disabilities that they can accomplish anything.

March 21,2018

102.Bill Taub

Keith has what it takes to pursue his dreams. He's been doing his podcast for several years now. Neither rain, nor sleet...nothing's going to stop him. And it's getting better and better all the time.

March 22,2018

103.Rodney Vance

Keith asks great questions and takes an innovative approach to the interview show format. For an experience in authenticity over slickness, check out his show.

March 30,2018

104Lauren McGregor

Keith was a great host and I appreciate him having me come on to his show. He’s Helping people understand there own disabilities, letting us know we’re not alone and we can succeed at anything we put our mind to. Stay Blessed

April 17,2018

105.Charese Mongiello

Keith is a hard working great guy! I would totally recommend working with him and getting to know him.



April 24.2018

106. Mark Anthony Tierno

I'm not a public speaker, just a writer, so I started out a little uncertain, but Keith said nothing of it and just drew me into the interview like everything was normal and I was doing perfectly okay. Calm, professional, and easy going the entire time. A few more like him and I just might become a public figure.